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Welcome to St John's Preschool!

At St John's Preschool, we strive to Develop the Thinking Skills, Language Skills, Physical Skills, Emotional and Social Skills, as well as provide a wonderful environment for Spiritual Development.

St. John’s offers a 3 yr. old program (Tuesdays and Thursday from 1:00-3:20), a 4 yr. old program (Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays from 12:15-3:20), and a Junior Kindergarten program for 4/5 yr. olds (Monday through Friday 8 – 11:15). Doors open at 7:30 a.m.  An optional extended day is offered for the morning students.

For more information about our preschool and details regarding fees and enrollment please check out our important documents, listed below.


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Mission Statement

As educators determined “To Teach As Jesus Did”,

We strive to unite with Christ’s primary teachers, the parents,

In their task of helping their children increase their understanding of God

While conducting themselves socially and morally as God would have them do.

We strive to assist students in reaching their fullest

Academic potential and become productive members of the Catholic

Community in His world.

Vision Statement

The vision for Saint John the Baptist School is that we:

• Be a positive presence in the community as students and staff live and serve

• Provide a quality education to the whole child

• Provide parish and other community families a Christ-centered education

• Collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve a shared purpose and direction for others modeling Christian principles exemplary staff, meeting the individual needs of all students integrated throughout all curricular areas of our school.


Goals and Objectives



I have planned activities for your children which will help them acquire and practice a variety of necessary pre-math and pre-reading skills. Much of preschool will seem like “play” to you. It actually is, but, this “play” is guided to help preschoolers develop in the following ways.

Through play, your children will have a chance to DEVELOP THE THINKING SKILLS of paying attention and following directions, problem solving, predicting, classifying, sorting, and counting.

Through play, your children will have a chance to DEVELOP THE LANGUAGE SKILLS of singing, building vocabulary, listening to and telling stories. Jr. Kdg. uses a pre-reading program called Happily Ever After. It is based on classic children’s stories and teaches procedures, phonemic awareness, auditory and visual discrimination and letter recognition. The program offers activities to enrich the student who is ready to move ahead. Literature is also the basis for the numeracy curriculum. Number recognition and math concepts are taught as extensions from high quality storybooks, as are science and social studies concepts.

Through play, your children LEARN THE PHYSICAL SKILLS of large and fine motor development. Many opportunities are made available for hands-on learning and manipulatives for fine motor and eye-hand skill development. Music and movement are integrated throughout the program. In addition to the outside playgrounds, several large motor movement activities are available in the classroom. T-stools, river stones and a swinging swivel seat are a few of the activities designed to give students experience integrating sensory input and organizing motor coordination related to balance, gravity and spatial awareness.

Through play, your children have an opportunity to DEVELOP THE EMOTIONAL AND SOCIAL SKILLS of confidence, respect, verbal expression, and responsibility.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT is supported through the celebration of holiday seasons and the teaching of character skills. Christian values are integrated throughout the curriculum.

The activities I have planned will be centered around monthly themes. Seasons, Holidays, The Five Senses, Community Helpers, and Foods and Nutrition are a few of those themes. All classes work(play) on the same themes at different age appropriate levels.


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Contact Information

Gloria King, Preschool Director

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(765) 675 - 2422, ext. 104